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Our CFO collaboration empowers better decision making for start-ups and small to medium sized companies.

What We Do

We are the Advisor, Deal Maker, Accountant, Cash Flow Manager, Compliance & Risk Manager...

As a CFO Services Firm, we help entrepreneurs, business owners and CEO’s channel their time and energy more effectively as we work together to rationalize decisions and actualize the goal of profitability and growth.

As an Advisor, we are a partner in shaping organizational strategy. We act as your right hand and sounding board as you grow your business.

As a Deal Maker, we raise capital, both debt and equity. We arrange and facilitate mergers, acquisitions or the sale of your company.

As an Accountant, we ensure accurate financial statements and help the company meet key performance metrics.

As a Cash Flow Manager, we ensure working capital is well funded.

As a Compliance Manager, we make sure the company is compliant with industry regulations, as well as federal, state, and local tax laws.

As a Risk Manager, we assess business risk, contractual risk, and industry risks, while taking necessary steps to mitigate or eliminate uncertainty.

How We Do It

We measure business success in dollars and cents.

The key to start-up success is to articulate the mission and end goals concisely in a pitch deck, develop justifiable valuations at each stage of development and raise capital in unison with cap table objectives.

In the case of small to medium mature companies, the first step in the process is an evaluation of the company’s financial condition. There is no avoiding the numbers… they always tell the true story. A company’s financials will identify the strengths & weaknesses and expose the risks and challenges faced by the company.

Second, we develop an immediate plan of action. Working together, we’ll determine how to remedy those weaknesses, fill the holes and improve day-to-day business processes.

Third, we develop a customized business plan and design a strategy for success based on your goals such as growing organically, expanding through acquisition or selling your company.

Lastly, we ensure ongoing implementation. With a proper plan in place, it’s the execution which will ultimately transform your company and elevate it to the next level.

Why PRI Capital

We guarantee immediate improvement and long-term growth.

We can make this guarantee that you will achieve your goals because we have over 20 years of proven success:

  • We have proven experience in start-up ventures, written several pitch decks and successfully raised capital funding.
  • We have successfully stimulated the growth of companies in Manufacturing, Technology, Telecommunications, and Service Industries.
  • We have concluded over $1 billion in transactions, including debt financings and mergers and acquisitions.
  • We are data driven. Today’s businesses must know how to gather data and understand how to use it.
  • We bring deep relationships with sources of capital, including banks, venture capital, private equity, as well as secondary and tertiary lenders for difficult credit situations.
  • We have assembled a network of highly experienced and skilled professionals such as Marketers, Sales Experts, Manufacturing Experts, Technology Leaders, and HR Professionals that can be deployed as needed.


PRI Capital was founded in 1994 by Roy Balasuriya. He earned a MBA degree from Baruch College NY and was a C-Level executive with progressive experience in fortune 50 public, medium, small and start-up companies. He recognized that the start-up world and small-to-medium sized market was grossly underserved in the areas of CFO Management, Capital Needs and Professional Expertise. PRI Capital was started in response to this vacancy and is closely attuned to the needs of the small-to-medium sized companies.



Pitch Deck • Valuation • Cap Table Management


Bookkeeping • Bank Reconciliation • Financial Statement Preparation • Local, State & Federal Tax Compliance • Key Performance Indicators

Financial Planning

Business Plans • Financial Modelling • Budgeting • Financial Projection

Capital Markets

Raising Equity and Debt

Cash Flow Management

Optimize Cash Management • Collections • Disbursements

Pricing Strategy

Tactical Pricing Models • Market Based • Competitor Based • Margin & Input Cost

Supply Chain Management

Product or Services Flow • Logistics • Information Flow • Financial Flow

ERP System Evaluation and Implementation

Technological Integration of All Business Processes

Business Valuation

Asset Approach • Income Approach • Market Approach

Company Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

Creating Shareholder Value • Negotiating the Deal


Identify Problem • Define Turnaround Strategy • Negotiate with Creditors • Restructure Equity & Debt • Restructure Organization

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Roy Balasuriya
Managing Director


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